A discussion of the service at the bell buckle cafe

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Bell Buckle, TN

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Fabulous atmosphere, excellent service - Bell Buckle Cafe

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A man's grave included two belt buckles and a knife, and that of a woman contained a leather bag, a pin and a chatelaine.The Bell Buckle Cafe on Railroad Square is fast becoming the heart for music, artisian and great food from all over Middle Tennessee.

You should visit us during your time in Bell Buckle while shopping the several antique and speciality stores in the charming downtown area.

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Bell Buckle Cafe

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Bell Buckle Cafe is fast becoming a center for musical talent from all over Middle Tennessee--there's even a Bell Buckle Records, issuing recordings by Cafe artists. Join us for the J. Gregry Jamboree, live from the Bell Buckle Cafe every Saturday, p.m.

on WLIJ AM Stereo.

A discussion of the service at the bell buckle cafe
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