An analysis of mel brooks film blazing saddles

Max Kaminsky, now Mel Brooks, a war veteran, took full opportunity of this burgeoning post-war scene and started performing—he played drums and piano, emceed at clubs, and performed stand-up and skits and jokes in clubs and nightclubs and resorts, joining the classic era of largely Jewish, largely Eastern European-descended entertainers and performers that were all over the place, from the Catskills to Manhattan to the boroughs to the swamps of Jersey.

This is a closed set! Unusual, bizarre storytelling techniques, formats and narratives? Unusual, bizarre storytelling techniques, formats and narratives? But law and order is the last thing I want.

He had a very uneasy look on his face as the camera captured every gun pointed at him in the picture. However, in the end, it all did indeed work, stick, taste good and stick to the brain.


I work for Mel Brooks! And right along with this atmosphere of upheaval, anti-establishmentism, protest, underground influence, a loosening of bygone belief systems, standard-breaking, rule-breaking, convention-breaking and cultural, social and political change, the arts—in every category, including film—were a major factor in these myriad sea changes that were changing everything, changing the world, changing the way the world operated and the way people viewed the world.

As a comedic, satirical look at the Western genre, Blazing Saddles demonstrates its themes by putting most of its focus on the emotional effect it has on its audience.

Looking past discrimination by race, we also see this applied with another character named Mongo, played by Alex Karras. Bill and in the exploding country, economy and changing cultural landscape that marked post-World War II America.

However, by simply looking at how the film satirizes race relations in Westerns films, we can see one theme immediately. That meant having scenes that seemed at first glance not to make any usual narrative sense.

Blazing Saddles (1974)

Conversely, it also creates juxtaposition with anachronistic writing which makes the modern, pop culture filled humor more enjoyable for the audience. I always wanted to go there. Hedley Lamarr [to himself]: Bart has a very uncertain look on his face.

These filmmakers took a strong hold onto a firm opportunity to experiment boldly in film in just about any manner that they could—and in the process they created dozens of some of the best films in Hollywood history, breaking ground in whatever form, way, shape or manner that they could break ground.

Brooks caught the clever ear and eye of one of the great comedic innovators and rule-breakers of the era, his friend Sid Caesar, and the rest, as they say, is history.

This was also a time of extraordinary cultural, sociological, political, artistic and historical change, again, at all levels, from the country to suburbia to urban centers to Middle America to the increasingly influential and dominant Baby Boomers to the increasing power, influence—and changes—of the World War II and post-war generations.

In response the intertitle is written in all caps: Make sure it offended everybody—not just the stiff upper class, or authoritarian figures or conventional villains, all of which were the standard targets of film comedy for decades—but everybody.

Gene WilderCleavon LittleSlim Pickens Once you become a big-time movie director, you kinda get to do whatever you want with the stuff you film.

The camera stayed pointed at Bart while no one spoke.

Blazing Saddles Research

For as long as people need to laugh, as long as conventions need to be broken, as long as people need sharp satire, as long as great film writers and actors and directors cry out for entertainment justice…BULL! As a ranch hand takes the horses, Bart and Jim enter the limousine, and, expertly, beautifully, the limo drives off into the sunset, as the theme music for the film plays on the soundtrack.

In rebuttal, some may say that Blazing Saddles is nothing but a dumb comedy and there is no other director that could actually get away with making a movie like this, other than Mel Brooks. As soon as the movie begins, the audience is drawn into the subject of racism. I know how we can run everyone out of Rock Ridge.

And here, amidst the creative maelstrom, firestorm and whirlwind of change taking hold in every corner of the filmic room, was Mel Brooks.

Blazing Saddles Research

And those in the arts found opportunity in the exploding, so-called Borscht Belt nightclubs, resorts and clubs in the Catskills and elsewhere, enjoying the wealth and strength and opportunity not just in the country at large, but in the growing, changing and popular art forms that were marking a slow, steady transition from radio and clubs to the future mediums of television and film on a larger scale.

Bart takes down the mighty Mongole and Taggart is shocked. But what about the basic standards of filmmaking—production, direction, writing and acting? With a comedic film that relies on slapstick such as this one, it can difficult to pinpoint a theme.

Not for Korman, alas, but for Kahn, for best supporting actress; for best film editing a notable achievement for a comedy ; and for best music and original score, another notable achievement for a film comedy.

He added, "If they did a remake of Blazing Saddles today [], they would leave out the N-word. But how does he get away with it, you ask? In all the history of popular entertainment, with all the thousands of films that have been released, with all of the thousands of film comedies, so-called comedies and attempted-comedies, that basic, simple achievement of making one laugh during repeated viewings is still a rare achievement.

Mirroring the sweeping societal changes taking place, all for the better, these young, daring filmmakers seized the moment, knowing that the stodgy old conventions and ways of doing things were steadily being blown away.

It was a riot. As Bart goes out on the town for his first day of work, he tries to be very nice and calm, but as soon as he says: After Lyle, a white man watching the slaves picks two black men from the crowd to take the hand cart to see where the quick sand starts.Feb 07,  · And "Blazing Saddles" is like that from beginning to end, except for a couple of slow stretches.

The baked bean scene alone qualifies the movie for some sort of Wretched Excess award. Then there's the whole business of Mongol (Alex Karris) who is a kind of dimwitted Paul Bunyan.4/4. Mel Brooks’ film, Blazing Saddles, is a very suitable social commentary about racism. The way the camera shows most of the black actors’ reactions after racial slurs were said, the hatred between two races, intense racism, rare friendship, and overcoming racial boundaries is all shown in detail in this film.

Feb 07,  · Mel Brooks' Western spoof Blazing Saddles turns 40 Friday, and along with its over-the-top jabs at racism and Hollywood, it set the gold standard for what is now an overused cinema trope: the. Blazing Saddles is a Western comedy co-written and directed by Mel Brooks, arguably the most well known and celebrated director of comedies in the history of film, starring Cleavon Little as Black Bart and Gene Wilder as “The Waco Kid”, whom most people just call Jim.

On Sept.

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1 at New York’s Radio City Music Hall, after a screening of Blazing Saddles, Brooks will discuss why the classic western sendup is still a riot 42 years after its theatrical debut.

In one of Mel Brooks’ most well known movies the film, Blazing Saddles, racism is shown in a different manner than almost any other film. In this movie, racism is depicted as more of a comedy. Cleavon Little plays the role of the first black sheriff in a town scheduled to be demolished by [ ].

An analysis of mel brooks film blazing saddles
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