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None BAN Advanced Data Mining Applications 3 Credits As business organizations collect more and more data as a byproduct of their operations, decision-makers are beginning to proactively and systematically analyze these data to improve decision quality.

Annual Reports

This report can be filed any time on or after January 1st of the calendar year and is due by April 15th of that year. Definition Linkbase[ edit ] This linkbase associates concepts with other concepts using a variety of arc roles to express relations such as is-a, whole-part, etc.

A new edition of the Dimensions 1. In Income Statements, Gross profit is the difference between the other two. The solution to this problem is a formula linkbase that will provide taxonomy creators with many more functions than just simple addition or subtraction. Taxonomies were expressed as XML Schema files, but these were not used for instance validation.

The course provides an in-depth discussion on various techniques of data mining including predictive modeling, pattern recognition, prescriptive analytics, and text mining. The management of semi-structured data is an unsolved problem in the information technology industry.

The first one is referred to as general-special. Students successfully completing this coursework will attain knowledge and abilities to operate and manage security technologies.

Corporations that fail to file a corporate annual report will be administratively dissolved.

Business Taxes

MAQC Business Decision for Contracting 3 Credits This course focuses on the pre-award business and contracting knowledge necessary to process complex procurement with an business reporting online on the following topics: It expressed the difference between data exchange in instance documents and metadata exchange in taxonomy documents.

BI uses both structured and unstructured data. No extra password to manage. Additional data the rest of the report and accounts are entered in text boxes.

A different conclusion was reached by Du et al. Students evaluate a variety of entrepreneurial activities, including outright ownership, franchising, outsourcing and partnerships. Topics include strategic planning and tactical analysis for target identification, reconnaissance, and tool selection.

The system which creates the report formats it directly in iXBRL. Sign in with the application seamlessly. AC Accounting for Governmental and Non-Profit Entities 3 Credits This course covers governmental accounting and the various funds associated with non-profit enterprises including a study of accounting techniques as applied to federal and state governmental units, public school systems, colleges and universities, hospitals, voluntary and welfare organizations, and other non-profit organizations.

This happens more often when, as in the UK, the company report, which may contain many graphics, is combined with the accounts in a single iXBRL document. These groupings can be performed in many ways.

As its name indicates, taxonomy builders use it to force instance creators to enter the value of one element, if they provide the content of another. CIS Computer Forensics 3 Credits This course is designed as an overview of the investigative methods and tools associated with computer forensics.

It will also focus is on issues surrounding companies with high growth potential, an interest in sustainability and the creativity needed to develop innovative marketing for these environments. The presentation linkbase stores information about relationships between elements in order to properly organize the taxonomy content.

For example, concepts that appear on the Balance Sheet are instant: Emphasis is placed on understanding the importance of convergence of financial reporting and the adoption of international financial reporting standards, the role international accounting standards play in the global market place, and the impact of these standards on U.Jun 13,  · How to Write a Business Report.

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Business reports are one of the most effective ways to communicate in today's business world. Although business reports' objectives are broad in scope, businesses or individuals can use them to help make Views: K.

Business Reporting Registration. Click the button below if your Company/ Business Name & Registration number does not appear once you click the 'Search' button above. IMPORTANT NOTE: 1. The approval process for BR Registration will take a maximum of five (5) working days.

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2. With Employer Services Online, Select one of the following: e-Services for Business: Allows employers, payroll agents, and tax representatives a fast, easy, and secure way to file returns, make payments, and manage employer.

Choosing Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) tools for analysis and reporting

Build and buy a business or consumer mailing list in minutes. Reach over million consumers and 14 million businesses. CITIZENS ONLINE REPORTING SYSTEM (CORS) FOR AN EMERGENCY, CALL Welcome to the Chatham-Kent Police Service Citizens Online Police Reporting System (CORS).

Using this online citizen police report system allows you to submit a report immediately and print a copy of the police report for free. Please confirm the following to find out if online. XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) is a freely available and global framework for exchanging business allows the expression of semantic meaning commonly required in business language is XML-based and uses the XML syntax and related XML technologies such as XML Schema, XLink, XPath, and use of XBRL is to define.

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