Role of sir syed ahmed khan in the two nation theory

Muhammad bin Qasim was the first Muslim invader who conquered some part of India and after that, Mahmud of Ghazna launched 17 attacks and opened the gate to preach Islam.

Inwhen he was invited to Amritsar to attend a meeting of a cosmopolitan organization with the membership opened to the Hindus and the Muslims. Thus a strong Muslim community had emerged in India who had its own way of life, traditions, heroes, history and culture.

Two-nation theory

To hope that both could remain equal is to desire the impossible and the inconceivable. Therefore at the juncture the Muslims.

Sir Syed perceived Urdu as the lingua franca of the United Provinces. The prominent name among them is Sir Syed Ahmad Khan who awakened and guided his community well in time. Upon his transfer to Aligarh inSir Syed began working wholeheartedly as an educator.

What's the two-nation theory?

Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who led the battle for the creation of Pakistanwas however quiet a late convert to the creed of Pakistani nationalism. By his death on March 27,Syed Ahmed had indelibly stamped the ideology and life-style of Indian Moslems.

The College will have a dispensary with a Doctor and a compounder, besides a Unani Hakim. Is it possible that under these circumstances two nations—the Mohammedans and the Hindus—could sit on the same throne and remain equal in power?

It means the land of the Paks, the spiritually pure and clean. This correspondence was published as "Tasfiyat ul Aqaaid" in C. He established another modern school in Ghazipur in Proceedings of the Scientific Society.

Sarojai Naido as the ambassador of Hindu-Muslim unity. He began publishing the journal Tahzib-al-Akhlaq Social Reformer on 24 December to spread awareness and knowledge on modern subjects and promote reforms in Muslim society. Muslims should demand for separate homeland of their own.

Hodson shot three Mughal. Initially, they demanded safeguards, constitutional guarantees and a federal system of government with powers to the provinces for protection and advancement of their heritage, identity and interests. The College will have a dispensary with a Doctor and a compounder, besides a Unani Hakim.

As a counter proposal that the Urdu language written in Persian script should he discontinued in the government courts and therefore should be replaced by Hindi Language written in Devaragri script.

His efforts in the direction of Hindu-Muslim unity were unquestioned. All Muslims were ousted from land, property and employments that made them third class.

Two-nation theory

He wanted to solve Hindu-Muslim problems for once and all. Hindu Nationalism A number of Hindu nationalist movements,which emerged from time to time in the Indian history ,added fuel to the fire by playing up the tension and antagonism which already existed between the two communities.

Syed Ahmad Khan

It claimed to represent all communities of India but oppressed all Muslim ideas and supported the Hindus. In those areas, the main issue was finding an alternative to replacing British rule with Congress, that is, Hindu, rule Who is sir syed khan?

Now God has made them rulers over us.Dec 22,  · Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and Two-Nation Theory In beginning Sir Syed believed in Indian Nationalism but later due to Hindi-Urdu controversy, Sir Syed’s faith in a united India was shaken and he began to advocate the two nation Irshad Hussain.

The two-nation theory is the basis of the creation of Pakistan. We, Hindus, are a nation by ourselves and it is a historical fact that Hindus and Muslims are two nations." Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan's opposition to the a departure from the position of their predecessors Shah Waliullah, Syed Ahmed and Muhammad Ismail.

The principal of Darul. Sir Syed Ahmed khan is considered as a Father of Two Nation Theory. First time Syed Ahmed Khan realized that Muslim and Hindus cannot live together and considered Muslims as a separate nation and demanded a distinct homeland where the Muslims can practices their way of living according to Islam.

Role of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, the pioneer of two nation theory, used the word ‘two nation’ for Hindus and Muslims after being convinced of the Hindus and Congress hatred, hostility and prejudice for the Muslims. Dec 22,  · The above discuss leads us to conclude that Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was the staunch believer and eminent preacher to Two-Nation Theory; on account of which, he may be called the real founder to two-Nation Theory in Irshad Hussain.

Sir syed Ahmed Khan-The Pioneer of Two Nation Theory Sir Syed Ahmed Khan,the pioneer of two nation theory,used the word 'two nation' for Hindus and Muslims after being concinced of the Hindus and Congress hatred,hostility and prejudice for the Muslims.

Role of sir syed ahmed khan in the two nation theory
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