Writing prompts for persuasive writing

Write about being overheated and sweltering. Write about something you learned the hard way. Have you seen any interesting road signs lately? Go through your file box and pull out old receipts or records…write something inspired by what you find!

Explain why you should be chosen for the trip. If this is the case, then you should better contact Professays. Weigh the pros and cons of owning a pet.

15 Awesome Persuasive Writing Prompts

What is the nicest age to be? Should cell phones be allowed in school? Can video games ever be considered art? And silent waves wash into a dark cave where an octopus is sleeping. Write about a gift you have given or received.

Write something that makes a shape on the page…ie: Write about scents you just absolutely love. Convince someone to volunteer for something.

Writing Worksheets

For example, you could make an acrostic poem using the last letters of the word or use secret code words in the poem. Make a list of the first 5 adjectives that pop into your head. Write about something you think is just adorable.

What Time is It? She thought the student who wrote this paragraph could do better: Write about playing a card game. Write a convincing argument to your parents explaining why you should be able to paint your bedroom however you want.

What if you mirror started talking to you? Write about questions you have for the universe. I should be allowed to have a pet or another pet! Your job here is to create a R. Write about how you feel after you take a shower.These persuasive writing prompts will help you come up with a topic or subject you should defend, and you need to convince the reader of your view regarding the issue.

They are free to use under a Creative Commons License. Want more ideas? Click the "categories" tab at. • Helps introduce students to basic research writing skills. • Opens new doors for learning. Writing Prompts Worksheets Writing Prompts Worksheets Practice.

A writing prompt is a short entry that generally contains a question to. Prompts for writing There is a plenty of topics on which students can write persuasive essays.

This is not a secret today’s education service needs improvements, and a persuasive letter can be the way pupils can gain point. Persuasive Essay Outline Possible Structure Notes,Comments and Ideas Introduction "Hook" Introduce the Issue.

State your position clearly. Transition to the essay body.

Persuasive Essay Graphic Organizer

This page contains creative journal writing prompts for students. Super Teacher Worksheets also has thousands of writing worksheets and printable activities.

Writing prompts for persuasive writing
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